The Meek???

by Meekness

The best way to get through life's trials and tribulations? What about Super Man and our War Heroes?

We always want to know which is the best career field or about how should we conduct ourselves? We want to be so courageous and strong, and correct; but about what?

Do we really want to know the truth and like me, you've heard seniors saying this all the time: "Be humble and meek".

The phrase "the meek shall inherit the earth"? Psalms 37:8-11 ... Those without a lot of personal strength or power shall be saved.

Humble and Meek, does that mean we are headed in the wrong direction? In our society, these are things that are not only undervalued, but typically seen as weaknesses. They have begun to rate themselves, their needs, and their feelings, as more significant than anyone else’s. In fact, for many, their lives literally revolve around them.

Someone hurt their feelings. Their problem is because someone else failed them. People don’t treat them fairly. Friends?

They develop a total victim mentality because they think everyone owes them something. When you humble yourself, you put the needs of other’s before your own. You can learn from anywhere and here's one great place to start on your own. The meek will guide in judgement and the meek will teach the way.

Chapters to cleanse and renew the mind or would you prefer a mantra? Either way, they seem the same.

Know your real enemies?

I don't call'em, I just share'em. Humble and meek to save yourself,,,I am learning.


(((your inner

Oxen, strong as an Ox?

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