Have you forgotten you have someone at home?


Where is home and is that why we've got this cruel and unusal situation? Are we not the most cruel and abusive people on the planet?

Cruel and Abusive Americans are everywhere. Do we really realize how cruel we are to ourselves and others? Do we really care? It used to be "all for one and one for all" but today; it's every person, every couple, and every group for themselves. Now, we're so divided, there's nothing left or is that right?

People are deceived by thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Why do you want to get “drunk out of your mind”? Does it feel good to be “drunk”?

Especially Americans, we have been so overwhelmed with cruelty and abuse, it is hard to know the difference. Women are cruel because they just want to see if they can take your man. (not that they want him, they just want the challenge)

Human cruelty and abuse in America exist and is so prominent in America, due to our cruel and abusive history and our state of being in denial. The founding fathers started a good thing, but they started it "all wrong". Hence, we never really fully understood the meaning of "unconditional love".

Historically and still today, American society has accepted and embraced human cruelty, first against race, gender, class, political and nationality. We are firm believers in the use of violence to bring about the desired results. Even though we know violence begets violence, we’re too quick to respond with violence any time we feel threatened. Consequently, we get no peace, but have come to accept constant violence as a peaceful state of being.

Americans believe if we are the first in violence, violence will not come to us – Go figure. And no matter how cruel and abusive Americans are to each other, we still have room to chastise others.

If it has nothing to do with “profits”, Americans just don’t care. Our legal system strives off this. Then, when we do care, it’s for the wrong reasons and that attitude is permeates our society.

If we do anything, we want to be paid and if you do not get paid, you are a fool. Even though our Christian faith says, give, give, give, the more you give the more you get, Americans, don’t do one damn thing for nothing. Is that sad and shameful or what? It is just how we have evolved to survive.

For this reason cruelty and abuse has become our way of life. Men forget they have a woman at home and like to pretend they are single. Thinking all is good, she will never know. the money has become an issue. Nothing is sacred in love now. If you know you can’t be faithful then simply stay unattached. The question is, how can you be unattached from America, in America?

Family, domestic violence and sexual abuse, we’re in denial. Why, how do we deny equal rights to our women, yet fight our neighbors for being cruel and abusive to their women? How can we administer justice to leaders of neighboring counties for torturing and killing their kids, when Americans are torturing and killing kids, women, blacks, Indians every day? The American economy/society was built upon the backs of cruelty and abuse, and being in denial about it all and those who aren’t fear for their lives to say something. So what’s the difference?

Wedding vows are a joke. Its turned into an everyone out for them self world. Marriage is sacred (or it should be) A man is giving a woman his name (which used to be an honor) you marry because you love a person so much you feel you can’t breathe without them. A love should be so strong to unite us as one being, through ups and downs, sickness and health, rich or poor. Because of our double standard systems, cruelty and abuse has destroyed all of that, everything for which Americans have worked. If it is destroying marriages, then it’s destroying everything else.

Cruelty and Abuse flourishes in America. Though our books read otherwise, American society and traditions say it’s okay. It’s acceptable to be cruel to ourselves, fellow Americans and foreigners we hate and Americans have grown to expect, embrace and accept this level of violence and abuse. And now it is so instilled in us, we have come to accept this difference.

Where is the heart? Where is home? Where is the love for which I search?

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America for richer or poorer?

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