They show up at your house and enter your life, give sexual favors, eat your groceries and just hang around for a while.

Is the act of cuffing or being a house mouse for you?

Is cuffing a decent topic? What are you giving or giving up by cuffing?

Cuffing is the term used to describe the act of men and women cohabitation for a season. Men and women seek a mate to cuddle with thru the winter months. Is this not practical?

When warm weather emerges, that mate with whom they’ve “cuffed” somewhat graciously kicks them to the curb. Concensual or not, they go their separate ways. Point being, do men and women realize they are being used, preyed upon and captured only for the season and not for the reason?????

Is cuffing the same as a "house mouse"? A house mouse is the term used to describe the act of one or the other moves in just for the cold or winter months.

The problems comes when the act is not consenual. It takes two to cuddle, is cuffing not consensual? Can anything good come out of cuffing or being a house mouse?

(((your inner

Emasculation of men???

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