Emasculation of men


Is there a such thing? Is it possible? Only Women know the answer.

emasculation of men

Tell me what do you expect from a man? Reckon you could get two women to agree on what they expect from the same man?

Are you opposed to opening doors for women, is this all you know and why shouldn't open doors for everybody? Treating you like a lady or an equal, if we have never treated women like equals, how the hell do we know what equal is? Men don't even want to be treated like men treat men, much less learning how to treat women equally.

Then, who should be opening the door for who? Why don't women open doors for men to teach men how it is done?

Do you just want a male version of yourself? Do you want to train him just to please you?

The emasculation of men in relationships? To render a male less of a man. Men aren't really appreciated for being men anymore. Women seem to want just a man servant.

Do you Live In a Sexless Marriage or Relationship? Has your romance packed up and hit the road? Are you going to take your frustrations out on each other?

A war is being waged in American Society in an effort to strip males of their Manhood, it is THE SYSTEMATIC EMASCULATION OF MEN. When men are culturally emasculated, redefined, and rendered incapable, what happens to the defense of this nation, is it the same as the defense of our homes?

Living in a world dominated by women, if a man does stand up to her, she berates him mercilessly and threatens to withhold sex until he backs down and rolls over. It just escalates from there to “the off to the left judicial system”. And for the most part, men are compelled to go along.But men created all this bullshit, call it a trap for themselves.

Is this an unintended consequence of the feminist movement? I too am grateful to the many women who birthed me, nourished me, fought for their rights, but something has to give here. No, women abuse nor any other kind abuse should be tolerated, but going from one extreme to the other has only made things worse. This is a result of losing respect for each other, once lost, it's hard to regain.

Where is the balance? Does anyone know where the lines are any more?

If you want to scare a man off or cause him to fail, emasculate him. Women do these things all the time, unintentional and intentional. Then, they wonder what happened to  good men? So my question to you is: Where is the Balance?

Only Women know the answer, but men know the results and we all suffer - unnecessarily stress.

How do we get it back where it's supposed to be? Should we? and If not?

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