Cyber Crime Risk Heightened!!!

"Online extortion and Unsolicited spam"

Investigate and recover from economic espionage, complex money laundering, cyber fraud schemes, intellectual property theft and crimes against children?

Will cyber theft never happen to you? Are your computer systems under the extortionist's control? I think mine is! Have your computer systems been compromised? Have you been warned against ignoring messages about upgrading computer systems, because these could become vulnerable to hacking?

South Africa is one of the "top ten" countries with the highest percentage of compromised computers in the world, an international expert on cyber theft said.

The world was changing and a broadband revolution was now taking place in South Africa, and just like other countries, it was just as vulnerable to cyber attacks, online extortion and unsolicited spam as any other country.

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For the rogues involved in organised crime don't care where you live and could harvest information from home and office computers - and people might not even know it had been done, said Ed Gibson, a former FBI special agent.

"Your broadband is coming alive, but that also means you have got to be alive," he said. Globally, the biggest money-maker was not pornography, as many would imagine, but e-mail advertisements telling people that their computers had been compromised and that they should download certain software to address the problem. Of course, they had to send their credit card details, and maybe even their home address. Organised crime could not move the money fast enough from this scam, which was making more than $1-million (about R7-million) a day.

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These involved ex-employees of companies who stole information from their bosses before starting up their own businesses, or stole client address books before going to work for a competitor.

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