Cyber Warfare

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Is it a perceived threat or is it real? All the work we've done, can it be wiped out at the click of a button? The place where we work and play, where we share our most intimate thoughts, how safe and secure is your website? How close is it to home?

When I last wrote you I was under heavy pain meds from the fourth surgery in a year. I got too emotional when asked about several phone calls received, wanting to know if I were dead or alive, when my website disappeared.

My apologies to you, and all for my emotional response to you.

One of the topics being discussed in War Colleges concern "Cyber Warfare" of "information warfare". This is a very scary subject and one we have just confronted and solved. Our congrats to you and your fine team. Well done our veteran friend! We thank you for your service then and now. How?

Your Web Site had been fully restored! It took a while to get all the photos digitized again and loaded, but it's finally finished. Blue Host was not at fault. We found an IP address assault virus that was uploaded to one of their servers, the one where your web site resided, that was not preventable with current anti-virus protection measures. Once this virus was identified and studied, we developed a program to eliminate it, not only from your site, but from several others who's sites were also under attack. Now all of Blue Host's servers are fully protected against this type of threat.

Again, your site is now available and ready for your visitors, if there is any problem, just let us know and we will get right on it. Thanks for your partnership. We appreciate your business.

I understand these websites were down for at least two weeks dealing with this threat. Here is one of those cases where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Time is of the essence! If you are concerned about the potential of cyber warfare on your website, Asked the pros. Here is one place to start-- site build it.

If they cannot give you the information you need, you might want to phone this guy: Call us at 334-233-6157 or Visit our Home Site at


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