Today, skimming has taken on a whole new meaning: From the process of foraging through text and Skimming a Surface to Tricks ATM thieves use to skim your money. Skimming is a hard-to-detect and is a high-tech art done by sophisticated crime rings. It's epidemic!

Skimming, where ATM thieves steal your PIN and account number using remote devices, is increasing dramatically. Often done by sophisticated crime rings from the Eastern bloc countries, ATM skimming is becoming a high-tech art that's hard to detect. That's bad news for consumers. What has changed is technology for the bad guys has gotten one step ahead of technology of the good guys. The speed, convenience and profit of technology supersede the security of technology. Read more...

It's up to consumers to watch their own backs. When protecting your account against ATM thieves, just like with anything else, it's all about awareness, paying attention and understanding risks. Cyber Warfare

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