Am I trying to play God?

Am I playing God or with God? Am I trying to change the world? Am I right and all others wrong or am I wrong and all others right? These questions I must ask myself.

No, I am merely a servant and (((your inner is my platform. Further, I want my work to bless me!

As long as man rules this earth there will be injustice, cruelty, war, genocide, horrible acts of inhumanity to man, power plays intent on elevating particular people into positions of power... That is a sad statement and my question is “Where is the resistance play”?

If we are to be good stewards of this earth, unlike we have been, then to whom must we listen? From where comes the courage? How do we change?

I humbly submit there is a God in every person to which I encourage everyone to listen and not just follow the “war party”. Wise is the person who is ready and willing to speak the truth in love, and let the truth do the changing.

Does speaking the truth mean I am right or wrong? No it does not, but at least you know where I stand, but at least I am contributing my part so you can make a better decision. My mission!

It is not about being Perfect, but it is about being balanced.

Know your real enemy, Personal conflict?

(((your inner

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