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How do we cope?

In spite of all the pressure today, how do we cope in our daily living?

Food? Clothing? Shelter? Health Care? Banks? Jobs? All are becoming tighter by the day, making our lives very interesting to say the least.

There was a time when banks were just as personable as doctors. Who would charge you a $30 overdraft fee for a $.45 minus? Who would close your account without asking?

I hope it does not get any tighter, but money is becoming harder to get. That means all the other things we need will soon follow. Credit is even harder without an income? With the worse yet to come, how do we cope? Some how, our focus has to change from money to helping each other, in accordance with our resources and talents.

Well, we could do nothing until the last drop has been consumed; hold on wishing for the best or start preparing ourselves? It seems, as a nation, this would be a higher priority, especially during these very turbulent times. What about our very near future?

Who will emerge with the idea that brings us through, an idea, to inspire all to change their daily living habits? Instead of becoming more eager because we have a plan, we are becoming more depressed, because we do not. How will we stop this downward spiral?

Though times are getting harder, the reality of what is right around the corner is becoming more muddled. It is like there is a bit of, "it is really not that serious" in the air. Hence, the people continue to conduct business as usual. It is still a "your problem" attitude.

Knowing this attitude is what brought us to these very turbulent times, why would we continue on this dead end road?

Not doom and gloom, but common sense, if nothing has changed, how could there be a turn around? The Great Depression lasted from about 1929 until about 1939, ten years. This economic downward spiral started in approximately 2008--recession. Poor leadership and decision making is what brought it on and it seems, at best, this downward spiral has not reached its peak. As a whole, it also seems the President is one of the few people taking this downward spiral seriously, while the people are in a state of limbo and our leaders would rather fight than switch? It is not just up to our President, whether our economy continues on a downward spiral or not, it is crucial that "we the people" humble down, police and prepare ourselves because we know our daily activities, politics as usual has not changed. Take steps toward greater independence for yourself. More than ever, we must change our daily living activities and pull together, doing as many self-help projects as possible, with a priority on Food? Clothing? Shelter? The elderly? The sick and shut-ins? Natural Disasters? The less fortunate? This must happen before it is before the downward spiral peaks.

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