Debt Get Out!

How to get out of debt?

How is your faith? The easiest way to get out of debt is to never get in over your head. However, since most people have passed that point, now the new question is, "How do you get out of debt when you have gotten in over your head"?

Getting credit is like jumping off a cliff, you never know the outcome of your landing until you hit, but you will land. What do I fear most? How likely is it that this fear will become a reality? How much energy do I expend worrying about what may or may not happen? Life is not the way you think it ought to be.

The credit/debt trap? Of all the evils of credit/debt, people and organizations still manage to eagerly and willingly get in over their heads and drown. Credit/debt is a vice just like gambling. Very smart, business savvy, church going, well dressed, well to do; good looking people continue to fall victim to the evils of credit/debt and end up in the same death credit/debt trap. It all stems from poorly managed credit. Just look how promising and financially lucrative credit/debt is and how we promote it, when it operates just the same as loan sharking. There is much more media encouraging you to get credit to get out of debt, than there is warning you of the serious dangers and consequences of being in debt.

Where does credit/debt start? Debt starts with the temptation of credit. When I was coming along credit institutions were approaching students at the end of high school. If you were a high school grad, somehow that made you better qualified for credit/debt. If you were a college grad, somehow that made you even more qualified for credit/debt? Credit/debt Representatives were literally standing at the end of the line for the graduation class. I am also sure some were in the line. To up the ante they would give you a crisp $20 - $100 dollar bill with their cards attached. Up the ante, you increase the importance or value of something, especially where there's an element of risk.

How do people get into credit/debt trouble? The same way people write checks on money they do not have, you spend without being aware of your cash on hand. You keep creeping in until you are past the line of no return, and discover you are in over your head. Credit/Debt is a form of slavery. Do you have a choice when they raise your rates? Most folks don’t have a clue about the fine print.

    The most common reasons people get into credit/debt?
  • Job. Because you have a job and no debt, you are a prime candidate for credit companies. They say there is a sucker born every second.
  • You view yourself as having nothing. If you view yourself as having nothing people will treat you as nothing. When you have the money you never think of cutting back.
  • Your eyes are bigger than your stomach -greed.
  • Misleading Promotion. With the money they borrowed, some boast of being able to earn more money than they borrowed.
  • !!!Investments!!! Even the best investments go bad.
  • Debt consolidation/Robbing Peter to pay Paul, you are still in debt. How about lending money to friends and family members? If you will not lend it to them, why would you go get it yourself?

What are some of the dangers of debt? Credit is easy, paying it back is not.

  • Human error.
  • The emotional toll of debt causes anxiety attacks, severe depression, feelings of betrayal and isolation. People literally worry themselves to death. One lie leads to the next. Much of which is caused by the way credit/debt institutions operate, we promote credit/debt, leaving out the education of the high risk and tragic end. Credit is more about profit than it is about helping you get ahead.

    Debt, once you are in over your head, that’s when those very same fast, friendly and professional credit institutions show you their nasty side. They become your worse enemy and do every and anything possible to collect their debt, including destroying your reputation. They will garnish your wages, call your job, contact your friends and neighbors, make harassing phone calls, send threatening letters, take your most important possessions and put you and your business in the streets. Finally, court orders, Bankruptcy and bad/low Credit Score. And then there are the people and costs for someone to tell you how to get out of debt.

  • Losing your job or source of income means facing the additional challenges of living on less, but credit/debit institutions will only cooperate so far, no matter how disastrous your financial crisis. It’s like "they really do not give a damn". Some are even scam artist, speaking terrorist!

    Now, How to get out of debt? Ask yourself some questions. Have my needs for today been met? Am I confident my needs for tomorrow will be met? Persistence pays off! Take control of your own actions. Follow up. Keep yourself prepared and keep sharpening your skills, don’t give up. Dont't get into a do nothing routine. Use your head and come up with better ideas. People lose their jobs and they act like they do not know what to do. Keep yourself surrounded by thinking people.

    Personal hygiene, keep your spirit up, yourself looking fresh and take good care of you. Careful planning. Learn and practice living on less. Grow your own. Develop a budget that works for you and keep it. "Set it and Forget it!"

    CHOPT--- incease Communications, Hard/smart work, better Organizational skills, Positive thinking, Teamwork. Like learning how to swim, you cannot panic nor fight the water. Credit/debt is how you deal with it and you are the proof.

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