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Deliberate Steps for Liberation

If I set you free, you just might set me free, but if I do not.... Living in Bondage!

What for Coach have you?

Deliberate Steps for Liberation?

I see Liberation as being responsible.

The problem is: Skirting around real issues! All the new words we have created to cover up filth? I love when someone takes me by the hand and shows me something I perceive as complicated and explains it in terms I clearly understand. I am who I am and that is a mirror image of YOU. If I free you then, it goes without saying, what I would desire in return.

The real issue to that is: YOU DO NOT KNOW. Crazy is: You know that. STUPID is: you fail to acknowledge!

Knowing what you do not know and admitting that, tells you “exactly what you know” and you need to do. You knew it all the time, but you just said, "fear", “Whatever” and that is exactly what you got.

Little do you know, the fear that dwells within and phrases like that are “crippling you”, but you skirt around the issues because of the sleazy environment, in which you create and enjoy. You create messes and we all do, but you fail to clean them up, in a timely and responsible fashion.

That truth brings you so much guilt and shame; you cannot even hold your head up, in a good tried and true environment. It is not what you do, as much as how.

Did you know that Sleazy People stink? They smell to the High Heavens and no matter what they do, they cannot cover, disguise the most repulsive, obnoxious odors produced by sleeze. Sleeze is a cute word for filth.

Filth has an aura. You just do not know any better becomes your truth, your reality, “Whatever”? You fear change knowing you are not deserving and positive change will continue to avoid you. You know it never will happen, no matter how much power and money you may think you have, until you master the courage to make a positive change from within. The short of the story is, you are a phony to your own self. You are one big fat tease and fear facing the truth inside you.

Like a hog in a pin and eating slop, You need and strive off of surrounding yourself with other pieces of shit, making it hard to pinpoint who smells so bad. However, that never changed the fact.

I do not mean to be demeaning, just absolute truth, "Phony people stink". As I said, it is not what you do as much as how.

Deliberate steps for and to Liberation: I see deliberate as, your true intentions towards your purpose in life. This is important in maintaining a healthy balance in life. Can you keep up with your own times?

Allow your intentions, especially your intentions, to be motivated by love, kindness and generosity; rather than by fear, judgment or obligation. How can that go wrong?

Coachfully yours,

(((your inner

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