your inner voice Teaches You

You are one vessel through which Spirits work. Do you have the courage to stand up and face your greatest fears?

***Notice*** I did not say< "Jump off a Cliff:? Most of our fears are threatening from within and nowhere near as challenging as we would like to think. Would NOT it be nice to know, exactly how to make your next move? That would save lots OF resources. We would be more effective and efficient, like we claim to be!


Intentions motivated by love, kindness and generosity or by fear, judgment and obligation?

No one, outside yourself, could design a show most likely to appeal to the sensibilities of yours truly, or one that dramatically teaches "us" more about how to succeed, than (((your inner voice.))), which is a constant, even appearing before you, right now.

It's a talent show with a twist featuring the world's scrappiest underdogs, each of us deserving, determined and doggedly running with our dreams towards the future.

Bowed and bent, they survived; belief in themselves and blows from their fates have been their constant comrades, along a road too long thus far. Even teenagers in competition have put thousands of hours into their craft. Are you smarter? I am reminded of a 22 year old Golfer.

Most people miss it because they only use about 12% of their brain! Think, if you just used a half percent more? That is what I am doing.

For all of them, the competition is existential: Without this, you will not be who you thought you wanted to be.

Setbacks inspire, their pluck brings a lump to your throat, but it's how you bounce back that educates most, and reminds us as to how to succeed.

Because so many of your intriguing differences are from within, (((your inner voice))) provides the presence of coaches. --( "Crazy", "Forget You!", "Whatever"), — are all the coaches you need to help your talents reach their final destination.

Admit fright, it gets in your way. Practice, practice, use props, where you can to "dump that nervous energy."

With that convenient anxiety blocked, rock the house with your soulful performance! It's an amazing moment, and none of your success will ever happened without your coach. One tiny suggestion brings about progressive transformation, change.

We all need a little help from others to be successful.

Why? To better recognize and face your own fears and insecurities. Most of which, you do not even know exist. Most are too close to themselves to realize what they need to be successful. And being successful means doing whatever it takes to bring out the best in you.

Talented people need coaches more than average people Talented people have more to give, which mean they also have more ways to fail.

And that's what (((your inner voice))) is here for. You can make it, but your inner voice makes you into something you're not. You're already an outstanding professional in the top 10% of the world. IF not, you wouldn’t be here. Listening to (((your inner voice))) causes you put the anxieties of life away, and show the world the star that you already are.

It is the only true, natural authentic voice that wants to see you succeed and I want to see you nail it, giving you that big standing ovation, and rooting you so humbly deserve.

Allow your intentions to be motivated by love, kindness and generosity; rather than by fear, judgment or obligation.

Coachfully yours,

((your inner

Aren't you tired of making these to yourself and others, Empty Promise?

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