The Democratic Party!

Wonder why I chose to be a Democrat, in the Democratic Party? Is it because it has a lot of pretty girls in it? My mama said? Is it because "it sounds like" Democracy?

I do not know what the Democratic Party is about today, but I do know what I have learned from yesterday. Did you know that a lot of black Americans are starch democrats? Why? Why did President Obama run on a democratic platform? I am sure he would have won just as well, if not easier, on the Republican platform.

Is race a weakness in the Republican Party? Was there a time, not so long ago, when a Black man could not be a Republican? Is the Democratic Party more aligned with the views of colored folk? When did they change? Why did/do black Americans denounce and distance themselves from the Republican Party?

It really does not matter because now we have got to come up with a new party – the People Without a Party Party (The PWOPP). I bet you think that is very funny. Then you will not feel all the stress and pressure of being in a party. No money no party? The PWOPP is no way influenced by all that shit. One person, one vote,,,no middle man? Instead of campaigning to lobbyists, politicians would be campaigning to real people, the people they are sworn to protect and serve. Plus, we might get more of the truth. Well if you bought a vote, people would get paid, creating another source of income. Another way to get some of your money back from paying them. Creating jobs? That would be a good incentive to go to the polls. I do not encourage immoral or unethical behavior.

One girl referred to black people as having broken homes and degenerate behavior. I know what she meant but cannot we apply the same faults across the board? Dealing with people now, are white families really any better off than black families? Ask a white woman why are they still fighting for their rights? Do Black men make living life better and easier? Why did white Americans have to have slaves? Why could not the White man do his own work? Why Black slaves? Remember, blacks have worked in the homes of white families throughout the history of America? Why?

I have made the same mistake of degrading or blaming black people for my mistakes, when white people are just as nasty, if not more so. A good example: Black people had nothing to do with our current economic crisis? Black people had nothing to do with the Atlantic Slave Trade. Black people had nothing to do with how America spent "their dollars". It is only very recently we had a glimpse into the money pot. Black people had nothing to do with Jim Crow? I know it is easy to talk down black people, the question is, do we understand why? Do we understand it is because they are the easiest people to blame for our problems? Do we understand how twisted our own thinking is about ourselves? Do you understand under what conditions black people lived and worked hoping one day to be free? How long? Do you understand how instrumental slavery was in making this country what you enjoy today? Ask Rosa Parks. Do you think you could find a more dedicated and deserving people to the rights and privileges of the country, than a "Black Man"? All the Black Man has ever done is help build his master’s country. For that, what credit does he get?

Now, it is time for a change! Do you think White Americans deserve to be put above Black Americans, for any reason? However, if we were practicing true democracy neither would have cause to talk about the other, because not one of us is any better than the other, no matter the party affiliation. Now, one of us is indebted to the other. Which one is that? Are black people indebted to white people, how and for what? White people are indebted to black people, we all know why and for what, but they do not acknowledge their debts. As a matter of fact, they are masters and making you feel guilty for being their slaves, and making you feel stupid for even thinking they should openly express some form of remorse for slavery and atrocities? Now, is that sick or what? They can confess it to everybody else, but they cannot confess where it matters most, to Black folk. If they starved you as their slaves, why would they give a shit about you now? Do black people owe white people or is it just the opposite? What about their credit report/score? Some people get stuck in doing things out of habit? Soon it becomes an addiction and a condition. This is going to change all of that, perfect timing! Black people are not poor people, white folk just will not pay their debts and black people do not have the wherewithal to "make money".

Our system of Education is a wall not bridge. Feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world. We have forgiven but we have not forgotten. If white Americans were made to pay as they went their asses would be back in Europe somewhere. They would be broker than you and I, the reality of which, they are. You think they owe China, just imagine how much they owe Black America. Do you think they are going to pay? yes, just a fact of nature. If a man does not work, he does not eat. You cannot eat if you did not work and eating off the work of others is a no no - obesity,,,plus killing Indians, stealing land and then slavery - drugs,,,,Mother Nature has got your number and after all these years of lying and thinking you got away....You are through. Do you even know the difference between right and left? What about right and wrong? What happens when you do wrong? Is it funny?

Judgment Day?, Will you establish proper protocol? Where will the black folk be? Are you going to take a couple of us with you, let's say 15%, or will they be Mexican or East Indian, what about Native Americans? You have blown smoke for a long time, but today my friend is your day of judgment. Your credit record and score has gotten the best of you.

So you say you are not the one responsible for what happened during slavery in your house? That it did not happen on your watch? But yet, you can persecute and hold Saddam and Osama responsible for what happened in their land on their watch? Just as you say it was their watch, why cannot we say it was your watch? You can track their record back to a nat’s ass, but you cannot seem to remember your activities from one day to the next? You can drum up an anti terrorism campaign but you cannot drum up an anti slavery campaign? You can talk all about how bad Hitler was but all that slavery stuff just seems to escape you? Now, that is really funny? Do you think you killed all the witnesses? Will your wife and children continue to cover and lie for you? What did you do to the sons of Saddam for aiding their father? You can tell all about how no good and not equal black folk are but you do that to cover all the suffering you have caused and do not accept the full responsibility, even though you were the responsible one on watch. Why have not some world leader taken the liberty to hunt you down and bring you to justice, dead or alive, just like a runaway slave or a terrorist? Is it because you share just enough to keep us silent- attempted bribery and trickery and we did not have a chose because we did not and still do not own anything? Yes, that is YOUR FAULT and that was your plan. How corrupt was Share-Cropping? How could we hunt, fish, build a house, raise our families and you knew it and took advantage of it. You are not to be trusted.

Is the Democratic Party, the party of choice? Is the Democratic Party the party where justice is denied, poverty enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob, and degrade the poor? If this happened to poor people what is going to happen to you? I bet you say nothing!

At one time in history this charge was a myth, but today this charge is a sad reality. What if we went Republican?

The power is going back to the people - The PWOPP.

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