Doom and Bloom!

That's all this website is about. It doesn't show us teh way out. Is that true?

Life is getting kind of scary. I guess it is a sign of age.

When I look out and guest the age of the kids running this country, America. My opinion, it is just unheard of. That's age discrimnation, don't go there. I can think, had I applied myself, I could be there. A generation that is tired of hearing about slavery and that being your excuse for failure. Is that age discrimnation? Every generation has to make its way, at one time or another.

Study the REaction To Oppression!

What happened in other oppressed societies? How did they respond? How did they come out? Skills, from where did you get your skills? What kind of skills brought them out?

You might not care because you already know. You've got a lot of degrees and you're sitting next to "let's just Glen Beck", Oprah Winfrey, just to call a few names. I know what Fredrick Douglas would have said,,,you've got only two-minutes of fame. Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, MLK, you can't go back too far and you can't jump too far ahead. We're all on this wagon-train, some are pushing, pulling, attacking, on guard duty and some are fighting for your freedom. Just think, the number of brothers and sisters, smarter than you, more experienced than you who so boldly walked past the line of no return. Looking into the future, do you think your life would be spared? Do you think the decision would be based upon your position in life, right now? Sometimes I think on our brothers and sisters with money and power, Not The Smart Ones, but the dumb ones,,,if I only had the money they had taken from them, one time?

Why does God give power and richest to dumb ass people? Do you ever think.... I am not going to mention any names, but we "just got out of the bushes". Talking about falling off the bannana boat? God doesn't do that, but people do? Why? If a child finds a million dollars in his yard, what must he do? Oppression?

Some of us have had success all our lives and there are others, the good must suffer with the bad.

It behooves us as a people, "we the people" if we can do anything to keep from self-destructing, the time is now. Now, you can say what you want about President Obama, but he is doing his job. He has displayed more courage and success in the shortest period of time than a whole nation of people have displayed the past 350 years. Ask Shirley Chisholm, she helped paved the way. If anyone can tell how dangerous this world is in which you are living, you would go somewhere and sit down. But only in Amerca! Who cares because they are "big and bad", "they have rights", "we have a job",,,you know all that separate but equal bullshit. I'll let you in, but I'll have to charge the others. Remember the traps you set? Remember, all the tactics used to destroy MLK, Malcom X, Biggy, Rosa, Micheal, Martin, I don't want to call any names,,,but what makes you think, "that you are above"? How many million slaves were there, 10's of thousands, 10's of millions, hundreds of millions, how many hundred years?

I am talking about The REaction To Oppression.

The pot is boiling! You just said you are tired. When asked the question: Why did you marry a White Man, what did you say? She said she was sick and tired of waiting on a black man. Weight broke the wagon.

America must reorganize and rise. You said you were tired of the black man being oppressed. I do not want to get into that, gender thing, but I think from there you get my point. You really do not know how bad your ass can be beat until you....Domestic violence cannot compete.

Your choices are very limited and time sensitive, what would have happened if Shirley ran for President 20 earlier or later--Perfect timing and we are not the ones who made these plans. A normal thinking person or people wouldn't "lock themselves up", they wouldn't stand on the corner had they been taught better? How you handle your man is your business. How you raise your children is your business. Who you choose for the man of your house is your business. Why should you have to explain? It works like that for every free people, except African-Americans. Whites established this society,,that's history, "ONE SIDED". Was it negroes, niggers, colored who helped?

We must establish a basic religion of our own, by design and choice. No guts no glory!

How else can you develop a love of Self and Nation? We are no longer "One Nation under God, indivisible.... Where are you in the picture, the big picture... Since you are so smart and know what the hell is going on,,,why not setup a shipping line? Yes, instead of finger nails, false hair, stupid ass looking shoes, designer suits, overpriced cars, rediculously inflated house notes, its a bonus to get paid....We're talking about the future now.

Old folk, lol. I will see you there. I told you this is the website for the doomed and gloomed.

Doom and Gloom! Here go Art talking about them Voices again!

We must take immediate action to cut down on friction between "we the people". Would you argue about a man (BO)(MO), she got that? And they believe in themselves as thinkers and doers. They ain't arguing, waiting, ignoring,,,they are handling everybodys business, whether you like it or not. Remember, those people who got their asses beat? You cannot survive in a capitalist society without having money, a mind set that has to be changed. Well, if this country is indebt upto its ass, what does that mean to and for you? Simple economics and I wasn't considered college material. Wonder who told me that? They prayed for this day.

Isn't learning exciting, keep those Voices rolling! Tomorrow, we are going to learn how to harvest our own food? Let's see...there is predator and there is prey? Some prefer their food live and some prefer their food dead. But who eats the grass? What's the name for that?

(((your inner

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