Desperate to be more like Me

Desperate to be more like you?

Why I am more desperate to be like you, you know, kick ass and take names. Whose who? What really going on?

All the stuff society require of you to be, what and why? Like lemmings, are we just following each other, never making real progress? What does real progress mean? Do you have time?

Who knows what you know? Don’t be offended but by now, most of you are following me and that might not be such a bad thing and to show our most relevant result read on…?

What makes us follow people? How do you keep from following the wrong people? How do you get to where you need to go? Why do people pursue other people?

Have you heard an adult cry? That's a spiritual experience all by itself. Why do adults cry? Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need.

Are you desperate for finances, money, power, health and success? Do you know what that makes you do? Are you frantically running around looking for ways just to “make it” out of your hole? Are you trying to prove to others you are a somebody? If that’s you, then you're the one I need.

We are in the same boat. Have you seen all the ads lately? These are weaknesses connecting you with the feelings of others. They help you reach those in need and these weaknesses make you more like me. These are the very things that drive me to you - desperation. How can I help you?

Through your weakness, you show more of my features, those of lowliness, meekness, gentleness, and humility. Or do you hide from them?

The real question is in our desperation, what will we do, what should we do and who should we blame for our own decision?

Which of us really know what's going on? Do you mean to correct what I say, and treat my desperate cry as nothing, as most do when all fails? Then what?

Now, here is what I know and do not understand: You have shown your people desperate times; you have given us wine and false hopes. Now, we stagger aimlessly? And next?

How do we help each other? Go where you need to go. You know what nobody else knows?

Listen to my cry, rescue me from those who pursue me, for they are too strong for me.

That’s it!

(((your inner

Desperate times, drastic measures

Know what nobody else knows?

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