Ted Haggard Speaks To Me

Ted Arthur Haggard with an audience of more than 30 million people.

At this point I take Brother Ted’s confession for what it is worth and that has been very informative to me. I am very pleased to see someone, in his position, having the courage to openly discuss and very publicly confess his wrongdoings, in real time. In some kind of way it has given me some sense of comfort, in knowing a change is taking place across America, my home land. This confession is the tip of the iceberg for what is really going on in top positions, all over America.

Thanks to Ted's friend, Mike Jones, a self-confessed male prostitute, for his courage to bring attention to more stupidity! Whatever his agenda, I hope his reward is great. We all want to have fun but all the sneaking and back stabbing is not necessary. Just be open and honest and everyone will understand, may be not today, but there is always tomorrow.

Now, to his family and church family, you are also to be commended for sharing. I know it took plenty of courage and I am sure it has been a humbling experience for all involved. That is the greatest sign of love and the change we have all vowed to make. You are true heroes! It says something for your training. We all fall out with each other, but afterwards, it is very seldom, you see us fall back in. There have been a few, Mohamed Ali, and some others. Honestly, it has been a very moving and enlightening experience and I just want to thank all for acting responsibly and for sharing. Ted, if it makes any difference, I too forgive you and thanks for sharing a few very important life lessons with the world.

Yes, Mr. Haggard has so dearly earned the respect of great men and women. I really enjoyed listening to that brother and hearing what he is doing about it. I admire his courage and wish him well. Again, Thank you guys for being a shining example of the change we want to see! Today, you are a new breed of American heroism, in my book.

None are perfect and good inspiration for others to open up and do the same. Lead the way,,,Go Ted...

Important lessons I have learned from Brother Ted Haggard

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