Diabetes, Hypertension and African-Americans

Time to get serious!!

One in four black women, 55 years of age or older, has diabetes and many more are likely to develop and die from this killer disease, if drastic measures are not taken.

I think between diabetes and hypertension both genders are endangered. Further, what good are black men, if we do not try to do something about that?

Looking under the surface for the reasons African-Americans are predisposed to diabetes and hypertension? STRESS, POOR DIET, LESS ACTIVE LIFE STYLES, OBESITY AND UNDIAGNOSED. These habits are passed from one generation to the next.

Results: drugs, money, heart attacks, strokes, allergies, asthma, sleep and mental disorders, diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure and death - unhealthy lifestyle choices and living conditions?

As best as I know, diabetes and hypertension are not diseases unique to Africans, but to African-Americans. Why?

Bad Stress and Abuse: For obvious and not so obvious reasons, we have a lot of work to do in the areas of self-esteem, how we see ourselves and those around us. Stress makes you sick and Stress is a killer! Got to check your spiritual connections!

Poor diet: I believe in signs and these diseases indicate how much education we have lost and are losing. Our diets come primarily from mass media and grocery stores. It is not so much what we eat, as how it is prepared and how much we eat. Most of us buy what we can afford and that leads us to products of less quality. Those of us who can afford, buy what we want and what we normally want are comfort foods. Either way, stress levels are elevated so high and by the time we realize it, the damage has been done.

Less Active life styles: Activity is needed to keep the body working. That’s it, we do not want to work. That’s why we work, so we don’t have to work so hard and it is killing us. Our goal is to move into over-ridiculously priced neighborhoods, robbed of the necessities for life. After we finish our little 9-5, we hardly have energy and time for anything else, good anyway? So we lavish ourselves with those things we believe are fit for a king – waiting to be served while dinning and drinking out.

Education is key. Instead of teaching ourselves how not to work, we should be teaching how to work. That is something worth passing on.

Obesity: Can you not see your BIG FAT SELF? Does it occur to you when you are pigging out? Why just sit there and be soooo greedy? Do you have a food addiction? Those who are obese do to illness, please excuse yourselves! Gardens among other wholesome activities could help tremendously, but we do not have the time nor the desire. So what we see as the best living conditions, are in fact, the worse living conditions. We spend more time and money on growing grass, flowers and shrubs than we do food, go figure. Remaining ignorant to the fact that African-Americans need access to more affordable healthier foods!

Undiagnosed: Too little too late. It doesn’t take a doctor to tell you what’s really going on, just someone who cares.

When conditions like the above goes undiagnosed the results are astronomical. The treatments for these diseases are diet, exercise and medication. Do the first two and the third will not be necessary.

Do you care? Then take action and here is a good way to start: Education SBI

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