Dealing with disappointment

Welcome to life; disappointment guaranteed!

Disappointment is when expectations in life fail to be met, from those you depend on, look up to and live with, including self. Dealing with people who are ungrateful and without loyalty for the person who put everything on the line to make things happen. It seems disappointment is even harder to deal with when it comes from ourselves or family memebers. Lord, how can you use somebody who is as messed up as me?

Why not just throw your hands in the air and give up? True leadership shines in deep disappointment.

When confronted by failure: (1) Don't add insult to injury by letting disappointment mire you in hopelessness and despair. (2) Humble yourself and repent. Confess your sin; don't excuse, reationalize or blame circumstances and people. (3) Receive God's grace and forgiveness by faith, not by feelings. Don't let Satan convince you your case is beyond grace. (4) Get whatever help you need to get back on track--Just like me.

Enjoy and live your best life!

Disbelief, shock, anger?

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