Disbelief Shock Anger Relationships

Responsibiltiy, something to think about before hand?

You gave them your money and they did what? You gave them your love and they did what?

Relationships, we’re dropping them like they are hot, why? Is it because there are plenty of fish in the sea? I think we running into more trouble than fish - broken homes, relationships, pain. Are people really that desperate?

I have been through the stages of disbelief, shock, anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children. Often our systems set us up for failure, personal gains over helping others. Take back your life?

Two incidents: My friend’s daughter lost her job, car and husband all in the same time period. Now, two children and a mother must struggle alone. Another, after a 20 plus year marriage, this family of four lost their car, husband and a main source of income, all in the same period of time. Here, in-laws are encouraging one spouse to leave the other. What’s going on with these relationships? Is this an age where everyone who nabs a single headline is rushing to sign a reality-TV or talk show deal? You hear about celebrities all the time, but just look around your neighborhood, its growing.

A recent headline read: Sales of new homes sink to lowest level on record, stoking more fears for the economy. So things do not look better for a while? Why not you?

I am now going to do my very best to show that alone and happy is better than being in a relationship where there is no trust and love. Well, why did you enter into the relationship in the first place? Can you believe married folk say that: single and happy is for the best. Like closing the door after the cow has gotten out of the barn, easier said than done. Think before you act. The first inclination is anger and revenge. Then there are professionals, for obvious reasons, encouraging you to give up on your relationships due to irrconcilable differences. Is there a such thing or is that the most profitable solution? Value, put the shoe on the other foot, because there is nowhere to run. Remember you are also part of the blame for allowing situations to get out of control, going undetected for so long and one blaming the other. Catch them early! I made a liar out of you and you made a fool out of me?

We enter into these relationship because of strong attractions and as though we are gullible, no matter the reality. Relationships, often bring about power struggles for ownership and control more than they bring about a sense of responsibility and freedom in working together.

Blind-sided, we prepare for a lot of things, but we very seldom prepare for the obvious –Disbelief, Shock, Anger. Do we even know how? When we do our backwards planning do we plan for the obvious? Even though we read about it daily happening to everyone else, we are so wrapped up in the "it's all about me" syndrome, we think the inevitable will not happen to us. I guess that explains our economy.

So what are we going to do? Do we want to save relationships? Are we depending on politicians to save us? Reality, I wish ill-will for no person, but I know it will come to every person then, prepare yourself for Disbelief, shock and anger? Conduct yourself and live your life accordingly, the goal being to prevent and get over these huddles. Disease, Abuse, Neglect, suffering, People?

Despite difficult times speak optimistically. The results will be feeling stronger than you ever have and confident in your beliefs and decisions about yourself and others. React with kindness and respect. Marriage and relationships are a lot tougher than we care to admit and where there is no trust and love, your relationship is already dead.


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Disease, Abuse, Neglect, Suffering, Cruelty, People

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