Divine potential

Before I was asking which way did they go,, now, Which way do I go and here's why???

When the fun leaves whatever it is you're doing, what do you do?

Divine potential!!!

Wishful thinkers, if you wish for something, got it and then did not know what to do with it? You wanted someone with an active life, but little did you know they run five miles a day and the rigors they go through to maintain… Excuses, excuses, excuses…

Now is the time because there is no delay in spirit.Sometimes we make things too hard!!! You end up with more talk than action. You get too close before doing all the things you wanted and now look… How do you fix that?

Living with regret about what I or others could have or should have done, or lamenting what might have been, is a gross waste of energy and time. So, to, is withholding the best me for some future date.

Now is the only time there is. Don't linger in the hallways of life, waiting for tomorrow. Seize the present moment to be fully immersed in living. Punctuate affirmative prayers with the word NOW to impress upon the mind and heart that there is no delay in Spirit.

Now is the time to flourish, to meet the goals you set for yourself, to live life fully, to claim full restoration of our Divine potential!

God works through people, not around them.

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