Undocumented Workers

What good is EDUCATION....To what extent will you go, has it stopped and is it happening today?

undocumented workers from Val Pumps

Do you need a fucking job this bad? Why can't/don't you learn to create your own income source?

What's the difference in an immigrant worker and an undocumented worker? Who takes the credit? Do we want credit, should we? Will it be for the atrocities we allowed yesterday or for the ones we're committing today? If immigrant workers are being allowed in to take your jobs, then what the hell are you? Does having a job change that? You'll work like hell for them, but you will not do a damn thing for self??? And you wonder why you have all their illnesses?

What's the difference between being packed in a slave ship and being packed in a one horse town? Why are we so submissive to these folk and hide it under the guise of respect--yes mam and sir... How, why do you respect anyone who disrespects you, how does that relate to self?

Are we guilty of enslaving our own selves, how? Do we have sense enough to know?

Is this photo a true depiction of what happened yesterday? Can it happen again today, is it; then what about it can you do? Why don't we disagree on this ship? Where are our rights on this ship, educators, leaders, preachers...? Hirelings

It is my job to wake your monkey asses up! What's the difference between what's going on in this photo and what's going on today?

IF we realized we do not have any freedoms, what would we do? Knowing what I know, why do we hate on each other? Do we enjoy slavery?

I say slavery is not a bad thing, but it is how you treat you slaves that really matters. And today I say, it is not slavery as much as it is "how we allow ourselves to be treated".

Things will never change for the Brown Skinned People until we learn to work together just like white skinned people. There is a positive side to everything,,,,if you wake the fuck up and start treating yourselves better.

Do you want a repeat of your dreadful past? What makes you think you're home free, when you have never been released? It is a shame to have no star for which to shoot? Will the real educators please stand up? Does our best education occur within four walls or is it within life? Then, why do we put so much emphasis within four walls?

How can you call yourself making these folk or anything else do right when you don't do right? HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

(((your inner voice.com)))

Man Made Barriers

Equal rights for ALL--Dangerous

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