Does the Bible Condone Slavery

A friend of mine brought up this conversation the other day. He says, Yes and pointed towards scriptures and history. It seemed he was pretty adamant about proving his point.

When he was said and done, I offered my comments: Well, I can only talk about the slavery I know and understand. I want to ask you the following questions in regards to your approval of slavery in any form:

Do you approve of the kidnapping and raping of girls? What about kidnapping and selling humans? What about the heartless separating of families? What about cruel beatings? What about being forced to live and work under brutal conditions? Would you like any of the above to happen to your family and friends? All of which he answered, saying, he does not condone.

Common Sense, no man, in his right mind condones ill-treatment of others in any form. We encourage respect and equality among men. It exhorts humans to treat others the way they want to be treated. View others as superior, regardless of their social standing.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Peace!


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