Doing What You Want

why not do what we want with our lives?

The we, breaks down to an I. Doing what you want will get you in more trouble than you would ever want to be in. My father always told me that.

I'm sure you've been there before - wanted something so bad you could taste it. Then fortunate and unfortunate you got it. Afterwards, you wished you had never...

There is a spiritual side to life and it is there for a good reason, for the good of the hole - moral obligation. If people just did what they wanted, most people would do nothing and then, there is the other extreme. Must I remind you? Sex, violence, pain and suffering. Where is the committment, responsiblity, maturity? We would be no help to each other. Anybody asking to do what they want is asking for trouble, a no man's land. No hope?

We wanted to be a World Power, now look? Why do you think we are in a financial crisis, people doing what they wanted? And if we do not do something different pretty soon...The Roman Empire is in effect.

Life is pretty much programed. It was programed before we ever got here. Screw-up or with that program...? We are here to help each other. Anything to the contrary is self-defeating. We do not own anything, but we are responsible.

Time for a Self-Exam.

your inner voice,,,do more connect more.

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