Domestic violence Domestic Abuse?

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Is domestic violence and abuse under or out of control? Why?

How many forms of abuse and violence are there? Where do they start? How easy are you to anger? How hard are you to anger? How do you respond after learning you have been betrayed? How do you betray the person you love?

You spend a lot of time in your life learning to duck and dodge the enemy, but what happens when you learn you are sleeping with the enemy - Jealous husbands and jealous wives? How do you know what your spouse will do out of anger and jealousy? How will our children respond? As we enter into spiritual contracts are we aware of how serious the mental, emotional, and physical consequences might be? What about the odds of domestic abuse and violence? Does "behind closed doors" make domestic violence and abuse any more acceptable?

Today, more and more women are packing, what does that mean? A good friend of mine was murdered stabbed 57 times after a first date ended in a home visit. Was that domestic violence? Today, a young girl is on trial for the murder of a girlfriend. Is that domestic violence? How can you kill your friend?

A good friend has been married 3 times, is that domestic abuse? You can have a very open girlfriend but after marriage she will become a very jealous wife. Is the struggle for absolute power and control, grounds for domestic abuse and violence? Women love men who appear to be wealthy and powerful, but women want control.

When a man cocks you over the head and accuses you of looking at his wife, is that domestic violence? Is it domestic violence for a man to defend the honor of a lady? What about when he feels that lady is bringing it on herself? At what point does respect stop and jealousy start? What happens when the romance leaves your relationship? What happens when you perceive your wife is happier with a co-worker than she is with you? Your husband is happier with the boys than he is with you? Your girl is no longer romantic with you? Are they stalking you? Your mind starts to play serious games.

Today, I was listening, when I heard a man talking about his ex-wife. They both met at the local hospital where their baby son was sick and being treated for spinal meningitis. The two of them attempted to engage in conversation when the ex-wife lashed out in anger. The ex-husband not wanting to create a scene walked out. Was that domestic abuse?

The next visit to the hospital was interrupted when the ex-wife fainted at the entrance. Hospital officials came to her aid, brought her to and allowed her to go in the toilet to refresh herself and get a blood sample when she fell, with the door locked. Upon gaining entrance officials found her dead.

So at 48 years young and suffering with HIV this young lady died leaving 3 sons. I don’t know their ages but they are young adult males living on their own.

To see three young adult males carrying on in the aftermath of their very deviant mom really touched my heart. Was she angry with the person who infected her? Was she angry with the world? Do the boys have proper justification to be angry? To whom or what are her boys supposed to turn now? Dad has been gone and mom is living her own lifestyle, why have those very nice boys been robbed of their childhood? Was the partners supposed to stay together through thick and thin? Why are those boys being forced to run the gauntlet of life so soon – divorce, HIV, spinal meningitis, death of their mom? What about their college? What about their future? What about their inspiration, spirituality and income?

Then I saw a group of men, 40 or so marching to bring attention to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. One told what had happen to his daughter, her husband and children, whose lives were taken by the husband who committed suicide. Who can you blame or hold accountable?

Where does domestic violence begin? Should abusive and violent parents stay together for the sake of the children? When should you leave? Should children report parents for domestic violence and abuse when it is the parents? How early? Is domestic violence an unavoidable consequence of being in love? What happens when your daughter comes home all beat up?

What happens when she goes back to the perpetrator? Is it physical as well as mental and emotional abuse? Is anyone of those any less destructive or more acceptable than the other?

Does domestic violence only happen to women? Are women the only victims? Does domestic violence include incest? Does domestic violence ever spare the children? What about family members, friends and love ones?

Does a father have the right to break his daughter in? Why does he do it in secret? Then, why does he think so? Why does he do it? Is the wife just as guilty for not noticing? Does a brother have the right to take his sister at any age? What about the mother taking her child at any age?

Is same sex marriage reason for domestic abuse and violence? Does domestic violence and abuse have anything to do with the race card? Is it domestic abuse and violence when you separate yourself based upon race? What about white women are nasty, is that abuse? Are you non judgemental?

Is same sex “sex” domestic violence and abuse? What happened to your responsibility to self? Can alcohol and drugs be your excuse? What about self-discipline? Is it a policy of: DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL?

Today, the lives of three young boys, who were accused of being GAY came to an abrupt end. Was that because of DOMESTIC ABUSE AND VIOLENCE?

What do you do when your husband hangs out late at night in all the wrong places, then one day he comes home without the car? What do you do when you learn your faithful husband is pawning everything of value in the house? What do you do when you give him the money to pay the bills and learn he has been gambling it away or spending it on other women?

How do you start anew from starting anew? Is it helping matters or is it hurting? Has the statistics changed at all? Is it you or is it them? What is your baggage?

I could sit here and tell you all about how good I have been or I can tell you the truth – A woman will make a man want to kill somebody? Was that because of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? I used to see my dad get his ass beat almost every weekend. First, I thought he was being very courageous and as the years went by, I knew he was too drunk to defend himself. Why would you beat down any person, you are supposed to love, especially when they are too drunk or weak to defend themselves? There was only one time I saw my dad hit my mother back…and really I wanted to stand and applaud him. Was that DOMESTIC ABUSE?

Then it came my turn. The last thing I wanted in my relationship, Was DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I did everything I could do to ensure domestic violence would not live in my house. My wife felt the same, until we got married. Was that because of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?

Her mother was abused and my father was abused, was it a light at the end of our tunnel or was that light a train?

Domestic abuse, Domestic violence, two different words that mean exactly the same, OUT OF CONTROL. How do you stop it? Is domestic violence and abuse a private matter? Accept responsibility for your actions. Stop denying it and educate, before domestic violence and abuse is your turn.

(((your inner

Beulah Rucker & Education?

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