Dominant Attitude and Behavior

How can you tell someone about their on actions when yours is falling down?

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I have about screwed this thing up, but let me see if I can straighten it out here?

Just like me, you cannot win them all, even you cannot afford to be wounded in your fight for life, so a wise person is better served by carefully avoiding any serious physical battles. Oh No!!! You say, that is a sign of weakness. I beg to differ and here is why.

Dominant behavior is the natural result of having no concept of equality. Do I need to remind you of our long violent history? Does every member of our social world have to be seen as either higher or lower, superior or inferior? Does not the act of being dominant and submissive imply the act of dominating a fellow human being?

Some humans are naturally more dominant than others, but to follow is a choice, not a must.

The problem is as parents, children and adults which role do we play and is there any difference between work and play?

Our lives consist of three major time frames, child, adult and senior. So two times we are submissive and there is only one in which to be dominant (adult). That includes work and play.

What I want to say about “dominant attitudes and behaviors is you damn well better know what you are doing, because twice you are in a submissive role, if you happen to survive. We have proven dominance does not work well, no matter how hard you try.

Are not we are taught the only way to get what you want is to be dominating? It seems we come out of the womb that way and as time goes on, we learn to compromise.

However today being dominant and submissive has more to do with our attitude about competing, winning and power struggles. Is that why we are so aggressive? Is that the kind of citizens we want to develop? Would not you rather be closely associated with the person who can resolve conflicts without violence? We must practice to make perfect.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A dominating attitude and behavior, it really would be a waste to go through life not knowing any difference or to never have given it a try. My point is to offer a better option by which everyone can live in perfect peace and harmony and that is by nature.

What do you have to prove? Corporal punishment and spankings, we are not too sure whether they help more than hurt, but we are very sure none of us want them for punishment anyway. We have families to raise, protect and serve. The better we do that, the better off our society, country and world.

Respect? Respect in lieu of being dominant or submissive is a better approach. As we are born, we are born in divine order and is best served to maintain that order to better survive as a people and society. However, somewhere along the line the matriarch and patriarch has been tossed aside for something more career oriented and that is where I am saying we must go back and further fine tune our efforts.

People should be taught to be responsible and afforded a choice in all matters. Because you are upset with someone, why should you expect me to be upset with the same people?

Forget about all this dominant and submissive behavior stuff because Mother Nature has a way of keeping things straight, when we work in harmony with her.

If you are fortunate enough to have someone who wants to be submissive to you, consider that an honor, not an opportunity to be exploited or to conquer others.

(((your inner

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