Divine Nature by Divine Order

Seeing the symmetry of the world around you?

Or is it divine order by nature? You hear the theory of evolution, big bang, but you never hear about the facts of Divine Order by Divine Nature.

Be reminded about Divine nature in life. I ask myself, What is the best way to respond? What can I learn about myself from this? Every experience offers a lesson and a gift. How can I make myself stronger?

Since the creation of the world, nature and all of its divineness has been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Life is so simple, so what have we done to complicate matters? It really does not matter accept it seems the more we do the more complicated life becomes. Is it how we do it? Are we really wise in preparations? Do we fail to see the symmetry of the world around us?

People can do somethings to throw off your divine order, inward peace. What comes to mind is disturbing a bear in hibernation. Why? They can take your kindness for weakness.

Often times we say and do without thinking of what another might be going through. We assume too much. What is normal?

I am one in the Divine order of life. In accordance with the seasons, I am productive. I am peaceful, balanced and aware. Like ants are creatures of little strength, but they are very wise in preparation.

I exercise in work and leisure, and get plenty of rest. I have faith divine order will be restored and the challenge will be resolved. I am happy to invite all to join in. There is so much more goodness, so much more joy, love, peace, freedom and all we need to do is allow it to unfold from within.

Nature dictates every facet of life. Guided and nourished by the Spirit within, I grow spiritually. Restore Divine order in life, in order to take full advantage of Divine nature.

The good person out of the symmetry of their heart produces good. They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in its season. (((Your inner voice)))

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