Sounds like an intersection? Have you ever been double-crossed? How did you feel? So, double-crossing someone would be evil and a pretty serious offense? How do we keep from being double-crossed again?

Double-crossing means? Is it happening today, where? Is it in our churches, government, hospitals, homes?

Double-crossing is an old word meaning: To betray by acting in contradiction to a prior agreement. You could be considered a traitor, A coward, A deserter, A liar? How important are “your” commitments? Would you be out to betray the ones who betrayed you? How serious are you about getting somewhere? Many may act like they don’t understand what that means, but they profess to understand the Bible.

I thought this would be a better way to see how important a commitment really is to any relationship, work and play? Yet, you say, double-crossing is happening everywhere. Do children double-cross their parents? How much double-crossing is acceptable? What’s the standard, mean, task and condition? Together what will we do? How can we more effectively and efficiently operate our homes?

Do you mean nobody is paying any attention, What about CEO’s? Does America have a history of double-crossing people? When were you last double-crossed? Was it when Africans were transported here for slave labor?

Why do White Americans have it out so bad for Black Americans? Look like they would be happy for all that free labor. I don’t care how much Black Americans try to act like White Americans, there is always one White man who ain’t going to accept it and he’s dead set and determined to discourage everyone else. Drama!

He can accept you slaving for him, but he cannot accept living with nor slaving for you. Think about that, all because of the color of another human being's skin. Does that make any sense? He’s going to be “the Hitler” in America and more ignorant Americans are going to help him get away with it. That is how atrocities are committed, by cowards. See how much you’ve learned about the importance of commitments?

Now, we are talking about being doubled-crossed, by Whites and Blacks, while we still ignore our personal commitments. We get sworn in to the army, courts, marriages, government and medical, but what happens to our commitments? What commitments have you made to yourself?

What about uphold the law? Vows? Oath of office? Citizenship? Religious? Finances? Are our commitments only good where and when there is a dollar involved? Would you cheat me?

Without commitments we are going to destroy all for what we’ve worked. So to stop all this double-crossing, we need to uphold our commitments. When you start a family or new relationship are you going start them by committing to and upholding your standards? Or will you double-cross somebody.

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