Do well-off people care about poor people?

Through a history of neglect, America has broken its social contract with poor people. Utilities, are the clean and affordable? Health care for all? Food, clothing and shelter for all people?

Though the poor has diligently worked for all these incentives shared by the rich, the poor has less today than they did yesterday? You can get even get in more debt, without being able to afford the necessities of life. Not because your priorities are out of order, but because those are the things creditor make easy for you. You can easily credit a car, wheels, stereo; the things we refer to as luxury items. They depreciate quicker than anything else and really have come to be more of a status symbol than a practical means of transportation. Nobody cares because they are making money.

When it comes to a home....? You can credit education a lot easier and quicker. See how credit leads you? It all but makes you dishonest with yourself. What about investments?

So far, well-off people only care for poor people when it comes to well-off people making a buck. What are tax write-offs? You just can not spend a buck without prior approval. ROI? Collateral? Co-signer?

Will The Government protect all its citizens?

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