Will The Government protect all its citizens?

We have assumed that the government will equally protect all its citizens, Yet when disaster struck?

I envision NOT. Then what are we waiting for? The horrors will be endured by mostly the poor, of which, mostly black. They are "underprivileged" anyway. Class bias will take precedent.

During the time of serious disaster, what can an entertainer do? What about a sports figure? What about an actor or talk show host?

My point being not to down any one, but to say, "We must be prepared".

Who has heavy equipment, knows how to operate it and can mobilize it to the location? Who determines first priorities? Who says? Desperate times call for drastic measures. We can talk about all the nice to have things, but when it really comes down to the basics, we leave that up to... Then we are angry when emergency crews fail to appear in our neighborhoods. So we move over to theirs, where it is nice and organized. Everybody seems to get along so well, because they support each other.

The struggle against poverty and immobility has been all but abandoned. The talented tenth.

It is no more a racial thing, it is a mentality thing. Come hail or high water, we have got to change.

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