Relationships without Responsibility

"how do I spend my time?" or "how do I spend my money?"

People who write things that make no sense are called poets, people who do things that make no sense are called mentally ill. I am grabbing for straws, how about you?

As I am quitely pecking a way, I often wonder what's going on in my life? Drama. Am I getting better or worse? lol "How do I spend my time?" and "how do I spend my money?"

What’s happening to our relationships? Who does what when and where? Are we getting progressively better or worse? Where is the man, the woman? Why are our children so obese? Why is depression so rampart? Why can’t we agree to disagree? Why all the double standards? Why is our cost of living so inflated and continuing to rise? Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Is the physical more important than the spiritual? Who wants to be responsible? How do we get things straight? What’s the object of any relationship?

We are very eager to start new, serious, well intended healthy relationships? In ourselves, do we ever fix what’s broken from previous relationships? Do we care?

Well if you look at crime rates, divorce stats, jobs, domestic violence and social networking sites, more is less and less is more. We all want “no drama”, “independence”,” Long term”, “fine wine and dining...”, Why and how? And while we are looking for all of this, our economy is going to hell. Take a look at the family from which you came, did you fix your shortcomings or did you carry them into new relationships? Were you more concerned about what society dictates or the health and well being of your family?

I think about running a healthy wholesome home, how do you do that? I mean there are so many men and women out there looking for healthy relationships, well, who’s caring for home? Obviously, good wholesome relationships are not in the home. I hear all kinds of war stories, but that does not change the fact about taking care of home. Home is where it all starts. We take our shortcomings, fears, inhibitions and excuses from one relationship to the next. If it was not so, we would have more and better healthy relationships.

We can improve technology; but how about relationships? You find hard and fast rules in any healthy business or organization, but few for relationships and the ones we have are quickly being disregarded. How do you get organized? Is organization important in building healthy relationships? Relationships come with chaos and confusion, it takes good management skills to keep them at bay.

What are you doing to prepare yourself and your relationships for the future? How good are you at planning and what kind of plans do you have to get you there--Freedom? Talk with your partner and keep everyone informed. Educate yourself and your partner. Keep your dreams at the forefront of your relationships and stay focused.

It doesn’t matter your title or how much money you have—a fool and his money. It’s the feeling you get from being able to take care of yourself and those around you. How well can you and your partner do that?

If you do not care, you are exposing yourself and others to the dangers of life. Committed. Good relationships help make good life experiences. Relationships are all about the future, someone to care for you and you to care for them. Everything you do today is for tomorrow-hope? From the bottom, up; poor time management and failing to properly prioritize are exactly what causes a lot of problems in our relationships today.

So start your relationships out on a good note, practice prioritizing and good time management. Stay focused. Learn from the ants. The object of any relationship is caring, the future of any relationship depends on for what you care.

Caring is our passion. How deeply do you care or do you just want the money? Then do it.


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