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Why to the news do you listen, what current events...

Those who can and those who can’t,,,I can’t do everything. Why is everybody so happy? Countries, how do we rate on the happiness scale, are we even in the top ten? How can you be number 1 but rank number 11 in happiness? Which is more important? What are we missing? Where is dream land? Why does nobody care enough to share them? Why do we fight against something we do not understand, never been through, never seen nor have any earthly idea how it operates? The blind leading the blind-dreamland?

Where is this country headed? Where is your household headed? Are we nothing more than Wilder beast, a cow, goat and horse, roaming the land?

How do you know the journey is nothing more than a circle and then you fall over dead? So what is all the fuss about for what are you hanging around? There are two schools of thought: Those who want others to do it for them and those who are willing to do for themselves. At one time or another, we all fall into one of these categories – predator and/or prey.

Are you saying it looks like me,,, 0kay, but what about you?

What good is it to own a land or anything for that matter but cannot work it? Who exactly owns the United States? Is that why we change Presidents so often? Exactly, to whom do we owe our allegiance? What exactly am I thinking? Why can’t I raise the roof? Do I really need you and/or do you really need me? How can we be together and a part at the same time?

Does the same God rule all countries, then why are we so divided? Why can’t God be the same person with different names? Does he want us at war and is war a natural state, what about spiritually speaking? Is church a spiritual place or formality? How did we go from once or twice a month, to everyday in the week; yet “everything” is getting worse? How do we keep being the best, when “everything” is worse? Are we winning or losing? Are we saving or perishing? Are we helping or hindering? Are we a better people or not? How can you move forward moving backward? How can you know by learning only what you want to learn, instead of what you need to know, in order to better survive in your own environment? How can you depend on what they say? For exactly what are we fighting? How does the American dream suit you – life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and justice for all?

A good friend shared this: When God wants to bless you, He sends a person in your life. When the devil wants to destroy you, he sends a person in your life.

How can we tell the difference? By knowing your people connections. To whom, what people am I connected? Your success depends on the quality of people with whom you are connected. Do we really add quality to your life or does it depend on who we think you are? Never allow people into your life without knowing their agenda. Find out where they came from and why they want to be connected to you. When a person is in your life and your life is declining, they are not a God connection! A healthy connection protects your self-worth even when you're experiencing pain or struggling with life.

A true God connection will never abandon his assignment until you reach your full potential! Stay Blessed

How does it feel to live in dreamland, struggling like hell? Why do we say we are saving people, when we actually do not give a shit whether you make it or not? Why so much medication in order to live? Why so much crime in order to survive? Is this dreamland or the reality of what we’re doing to each other? Is this reality really in your dreams? With whom are you competing and why? Is it because we measure everything by dollar and cents?

Wakeup, our quality of life is missing and you’re sleeping it away. What good is it to dream, when it is our job to hinder you from getting there? Is that fruitless or what? Why do we accept that? How can you realize yours when you are so busy hindering me from mine? Safety in our herd means I hope they eat you before they eat me, I want what you got because it is impossible to get everything I need, on my own. I wasn’t able to get anything for myself, it was always upto someone else. Why are we so restricted? What’s the difference between communism and democracy? Would I fare better under communism or fighting for democracy, which I cannot share? How do you know, dream or real, fact or fiction, when you cannot be yourself?

The more people we have, is it the easier it should be, then why the opposite? The more advanced we are, the easier, we are working towards easier aren’t we?

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