Terrorism and Political violence in America

America is a safe haven for who?

Think on the number of Blacks killed in America and people who tried to help blacks just to live in America, like any other American? Now, think on the guilty feelings you are encouraged to have for being a victim of such violence. People are just sick-n-tired of your belly aching. But what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot?

Terrorism and Political violence Across America, Domestic violence and terrorism, true americans, Organizations who murder, maim and terrorize in America are on the rise.

How do we consider ourselves a world power? Is it based on your civil duties or weapons of mass destructions? So who are their targets, what are you doing and what are you going to do?

As a matter of fact, Americans have deemed themselves the best example for the world to follow. We feel our systems are more humane or superior to others, even our own – domestic violence. Now, how do you figure that? All of which authorizes Americans to act in a peace keeping and police role for others and true Americans, as they see appropriate. But are these true Americans making these decisions.

Are you a true American, is it by choice or by Approval of others, what happens if they do not approve you? Organizations intending on promoting racism, terrorism and political violence across the world, take refuge in America, as true Americans. Terrorism and political violence across America leads to terrorism and political violence across the world – A world super power, number one country.

Americans are artificial peace loving, law abiding citizens, if you ask true Americans. Special interest groups are synonymous with Neo-Nazis, Taliban, al-Qaida, KKK… are only concerned for their own special (((selfish))) interest.

Throughout 200+ years of inhumane activities and treatment across America, organizers have carried out gross atrocities, such as lynchings, bombings, cross burnings, campaigns against Human and Civil Rights Movements, desegregation... while true Americans slept.

Anyone who does not fit their narrow definition of "true American"- white and Christian- is a target of violence, including African Americans, Catholics, Jews, immigrants, communists, etc. Their death toll numbers are in the millions and the damages inflicted upon America are immeasurable and is not being stopped.

Organizations that murder, maim and terrorize Americans and any other people are domestic terror groups. They are not organizations but people. They are not concern for human rights, but for their own selfish profits, profits over.

America is the largest safe haven for Domestic terror groups supporting them with civil rights amendments, but what about human rights? They come in all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes, disguised to blend in with true Americans. So how does that give us the right to tell anybody anything?

They only allow a few of us through to keep the rest of us out. They only allow a few of us to talk to keep the rest of us quite. They divide our asses and conquer us, that is how and why they continue to whip our asses. Children do it to parents...and the enemy do it to us.

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