Driver’s license before you learn

What’s driving our system? Should you know how to drive before you get a driver’s license?

Exactly, what should we do for people learning how to drive? Would it be worth it to change or would it slow down the rate of buying cars?

What are the implications of teaching ourselves how to drive? Is it working? Are we getting better drivers or is driving going further and further off-track? What should we do? Should we go down with the ship?

Well, just how are you supposed to learn? What are the tasks, conditions and standards? Is just to be able to hold it in the road or read the signs?

Should our accident and insurance rates be an indication of what we need to do? Why is driver’s rage more prominent? What about talking of phones, eating, driving with feet out the window? Is driving suppose to be another form of entertainment?

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Shiny cars, why so shiny?

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