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Why are automobiles made extremely shiny? Is it a status symbol? The shinier your auto, the more important you are? Some call it detailing your auto, which can run into hundreds of dollars? Just how did we get so far off into this shiny thing?

There is dirt, dust, debris from nature and driving??? Added costs to purchase and maintenance - Wash, wax, vacuum, just depends on your pocket – water, soap, wax, rags, shammy, scents, armoral, extra mats to cover the mats, chrome, ornaments, machines, industrial car washes? Are we all in a car show?

Cars are already ridiculously expensive, factor in the gas, maintenance? Is it for protection, last longer, looks better, better performance, your opinion of personal hygiene or a manufacturer’s default? Is it to make a fool out of you and to get into your pocket? The Beverly Hill Billies, now, do you see your reflection – Son-of-a-Gun?

My point is not that you should not wash your car, but SHINY, how shiny? Can we really afford this luxury? Is it practical? They saw how shiny you like your car and now we cannot get enough shine? People who cannot afford to spend so much time on shining a car, could find much more productive things to do. Well, if you do not bring it to anyone’s attention, how can you expect them to know the difference? So will buy a car just because it LOOKs so shiny? Is the shine any indication of how well the auto runs? Priorities, don’t we have more important things that require detailing before we detail our autos? Following the Jones’? Well, that is my point.

How much time and effort do you spend keeping your car extremely shiny- just shiny now? How much fancier can we build an industrial car wash? How much does one cost? How much should you pay?

How long does that last and what are the chances of getting a little ding on any auto? How does that make you feel? I have got to wash this car, is it due to an obsession or do you not understand when a car is dirty?

Are they made to get dirty or keep clean?

Keeping up with the Jones? Do we spend too much time and effort shining cars? Do you need to wash it before going to church - status symbol?

Now, you talk about people buying and maintaining extremely shiny wheels, is it all about the BLING?

Being practical comes to mind! By now, should not we have a good auto that does not need washing nearly as much? No problem to get a ding, pollen, dirt, birds and bugs.

I guess the questions are,,,,Are we getting better or worse, Are we creating more good habits or bad? Always blame the people?

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