Why do you ask?

Drunk a Rite to Adulthood

Who needs that liquor courage? Does it relax you or does it make you more prone to do stupid shit?

I know this is a stupid question coming from a true American, being that is a known fact that Americans do not suffer from Alcohol Addiction. We are to intelligent for that. Who needs that liquid courage?

People who would not normally have the courage to do stupid shit are more likely to indulge in alcohol abuse to muster the courage. Let's see here, Muster the courage or relax, which is more beneficial? Is it better to hyped and then depressed or relaxed the whole way through?

As I came along, I saw "Gross Alcohol Abuse" as a rite to adulthood. No just drinking it, but the "gross abuse of drinking it". Since it was forbidden until I became an adult, I saw it as a "Rite of passage into Manhood and Adulthood. Little did I know how abusive and destructive "getting sloppy drunk" was to me and everything around me.

People do not tell the truth. It seems they want you learn the hard way. Well if this was such a tried and true method, Why do we have so many alcohol abuse problems? Is it because the abuse of alchohol is so abusive, to both the victim and the Creator?

We harp about cirgarette smoke, when gross alcohol abuse, next to greed, is really and always has been one if our major issues.

We are more addicted to its abuse than any other drug. One drug leads to the next. So much so, we have made it a "Rite to Adulthood".

It is the way alcohol and the use of it is presented to you. Is it presented from a spiritual standpoint or a GREEDY Needy standpoint? Is it presented in such a fashion as to the faster you drink, the better you perform? What about sex enhancing drugs?

The thing is, why put such stipulations on something you know is going to destroy you, as a child or an adult? Thank God my parents showed me that I could take it or leave it. Use it for yourself and not to gain courage. Ride your own ride!

The rites to life are Birth and Spirituality. You must help people discover themselves faster in order to perform better.

Coachfully yours,

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