More Wrong Than Right

Why am I more wrong than right? Why do people fight?

Referring to the actions of a person, how do you find yourself? Where is the right stuff or best stuff? Why is it so hard to find? Why is the truth so hard to reach?

Are you wrong more than you think? How right are you?To hear most of our "make it happen people or know it all", like me, you would think we are more right than wrong. However, if you want to answer that question to yourself and about all of us, ask yourself do you make more mistakes than you do getting it right?.

Then why do we profess to know so much, when we know we are well more wrong than we are right? Listen to our advertisements? We make well more mistakes than we are right. What is the opposite of opposite –similarities? Are we similar in that fashion? Is there any advantage in knowing?

Do you realize how many people, fellow human being are punished each day because we are so convinced, more right than wrong? So why do we do we profess to know so much. Anymore, why do we listen to each other, knowing it is most likely to be wrong? It is so bad that we cannot even be satisfied with ourselves. Are your regrets greater than your accomplishments? What about your guilt? Do you just overlook them all? Is that how wars are started?

If we only knew how wrong we were and still are. Our perception of the significance and nature of events is seriously flawed and after they have occurred it’s dangerously ignored. Hind sight is 20/20 or is it…

Will you be here tomorrow? Evidence without proof or argument, is that why we fail so miserably? Why don't you act like it? Is that why we've grown to depend so heavily on politics? Is it because we hadn't tried it before? Would it have done any good?

Are there more good people than bad? Not being able to determine the difference between right and wrong, real and fantasy… are results of thinking you are more right than wrong, you know more than you do not.

How would it be to live in a world that people knew they were more wrong than right? Would you care more? I know, I'm tired of failing.

(((your inner

You both are wrong!

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