There is egg on your face and you don't know it?

What a great way to divide and conquer a Nation. Who’s going to bring some sense of sanity and reason to the people?

An Ex friend or spouse? Too old, too young, I don’t want leftovers? You want somebody that is everything you are not.

EX is a whole new way to think about quitting. It's about re-learning life without or until we can get a suitable replacement. Well, there is some consolation in thinking you can undo what you just did. You just got rid of someone who you failed to see their faults before it was too late and now you cannot stand them.

We both have the freedom to go on without each other, minus the responsibilities we created. Somebody has to be responsible. So in theory, we ex the person, but not their responsibility? Why did not you think of that before? Can siblings ex each other? Would it change the fact?

To become an EX, it takes an extreme disagreement. One that you or both think you cannot overcome. Why go so blindly into these types of situations when you already know if this issue comes up, I cannot handle it. Why make empty vows, knowing the very issue you cannot handle will be the very issue you will be facing. So love is blind, then why do we not treat it that way? Divorce is not blind? Breaking up isn’t blind?

There are two things that commonly cause most people to become an EX and they are cheating and abuse. Though we know it is coming, we do very little to wart it off, until it is too late. We are itching to get married.

I firmly believe “EX” is a term used to describe the heartbreak, pain and suffering we endured. What happens to the heart? If you knew your heart would require an operation, would you leave? How do you undo history or what has already been done?

Nobody should stay in an abusive relationship, but all relationships are abusive when you cannot agree to disagree. My parents always said, never advise a feuding couple to go their separate ways. Now, I understand why not, they need to come to agreement.

To some, an EX is but another thing and that attitude has help to make becoming an EX appear to be the best way to deal with irreconcilable differences. Easier said than done! Any other time, you would advise that there are no such things. You would tell all about how all things are possible. We will help you make it through. The grass always look greener on the other side.

What if? Just what if there was no such thing as marriage? You do not care; you just want to get away to do your own thing?

There are no ABC answers to avoid becoming an EX, but remember an EX is just a figment of your imagination. Either way, you are destined to move on. Does the next person mine having an EX?

What happens to that man or woman once you leave them?

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