What happens to that man or woman once you leave them?

Talking about building relationships?

I do not know and I really don't give a damn! What an attitude and why did you allow it to get that bad? So where does it stop?

What happens when a person walks out of a relationship? What happens to that person once you leave?

Today, it has become a lot easier to run than stay and fight. Blame, hurt, pain and suffering, a freshly wounded and very venerable person is now on the loose. Feelings of being lost and emptiness clouds their vision. Well, what clouded it in the beginning?

Insecurities and the question of how do I pick up the pieces from here? How do you disguise your humiliation from others? Starting all over again, it is going to be....?

Normally, all of that is followed by hit and miss at attempts to resolve past issues and new attempts to coexist.

Depending on how much you had together determines how long before you are able to put what matters most to you behind. However, all of that does not mean that you escape with serious mental and emotional damage.

So how do you deal with an EX? I say be careful for what you ask?

Walking out is like calling the fire department after your house has burned down. Every relationship gone bad holds a piece of you never to be returned.

Has death done you part or did you shoot your own self in the foot?

Everything bad could have been avoided had we been on top of our game. Now, I am off to a new relationship with the battle scars from my last, starting all over again. Do you think anybody will know? Probably not because you are going to choose someone who is going through the same old same old. So where does it stop?

After all this time you think we would be able to get it right the first time. Talking about building new relationships, how, when all we ever do is start all over again.

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It is official, I am an EX.

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