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Sustaining a movement against Global Warming

What would you say to people who disagree about the science on Global Warming?

Does the photo above indicate anything other than the obvious?

In What world are you living? If I told you, would you listen?

Okay, now I am a dumb old country boy. But I can clearly see that Global Warming is right here right now and here's proof: water with about everything else is less available, energy prices are well over-inflated, energy is less available, and seasonal changes are out of whack. Almost everything is over-inflated, except my pay check, it is flat! What happens when something is over-inflated? The name says it all.

Global warming, like anything else, touches every corner of the globe and every aspect of our lives, encapsulating it has proven elusive. Hence, building and sustaining a movement against global warming is so challenging because we can't see it yet, not quite — and we can't see its victims. By the time most can see the effects of global warming, it will be too late.

Why can not we see it? What is Global Warming? What is causing Global Warming? Our construction or is it "destruction" of our planet! Can you see this? Hate to say it and it is nothing new.

I see it in all the over development we are doing in my community. How we just keep building bigger and more stupid, not a house or two, but housing developments and apartment complexes in every nook of our woods. Shopping centers or malls! The abandonment of older communities? The Auto industry! Pollution! Carbon emissions!, Animal abuse and loss of habitats, Failing to remodel/recycle! We are very wasteful of our valuable resources. All over a witch hunt for a Dollar and we call that prosperity. We are out of control! So, by now, we are seeing the effects, that is; if you care. The world is changing and our contributions to that have been?

What about gardens? Live effectively and efficiently, taking preventive aciton, then there are no excuses.

So yes, I would like to support any movement to help conserve resources and to brighten our future. And global communities needs to come together to solve it, one light bulb at a time. Grassroots from the bottom up. That will help solve a whole bunch more problems also.

What is most important, to be solidly connected to each other in love or being able to understand all the unfathomable mysteries of the universe?

The work really starts when you start conserving.

Loving the natural world!

World Wildlife

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