Where is my Rose of Sharon? People need people For Change? You don't miss the water till the well runs dry.

Nandinas for the love of nature

I don't remember the name of this plant at the front of my house and that is a lot like people of today. It puts on the prettiest red berries in late fall and it's not a Rose of Sharon. I thought you might be able to help me and me you. They're Nandinas!

People need people for Peace and prosperity. Though we are born of the same flesh and blood, we do not have the same abilities. People need people.

Problems of our life make adults indifferent to nature. Let us learn from children who are still close to nature. Let us support our children’s love of nature and help them live in a better world.

People are literally terrified of People! Like Sadam, not that the man is guilty, but our guilt for he did. I do not think no human should treat another human in an inhumane manner? "It’s regrettable that the people do not learn lessons from their history, the error of our ways.

"All people deserve and need to know exactly where they stand and our Government, naturally should stand with us. Like on the issues of slavery and oppressing people, especially poverty, the poor, women, children and people who have historically been oppressed; why aren't we all on one accord?

Checks and balances!" Why White People Do NOT want to talk Slavery?

People need to see People! Our solution always seem just out of reach! Why? Where does change start--Bottom-up, Top Down, Both, at home and with who; then why not? You have a responsibility to take bold, comprehensive and coordinated steps, beginning with "SELF".

Investing time and effort in people helps to develop freedom from self and creates peace and prosperity within.

Spectators and participants, I am two people in conflict; one constantly contradicting the other. Protect me from myself that I may be able to learn from others.

People, we are our own worse enemy. People want to be united and move past their fears and divisions, one nation, indivisible...true faith and allegiance to the same-- Peace and prosperity - but just can't seem to muster the courage.

A fairytale, is the world This is real, from a real person, another human being, who believes and lives that way. There are still some serious believers and doers of the biggest fairytale, living the dream.

How do you share the love of God? How do you tell someone who is hungry about the bread of life, or thirsty about living waters?

How do you tell a dying man about eternal life, an orphan about parent's love and the poor about wondrous riches? How do you tell a person who is down, to lift their spirits or the wounded about healing powers.

People who know people, go to people who need to know. People who love go to people alone, like people who are blind go to people who see.

People have dominion over everything. The power is within. You must be thinkful to be thankful for someone.

My charge is to introduce my work and in doing so, set an example that people may be inspired to further express themselves. Together, we can make a better world. Yes we can. Art

Two totally different coming together, I love you. You don't need to be a BELIEVER to be inspired. That is the great part about inspiration, spirituality and prosperity, it's all natural - let it be so.

Black People Do NOT want to talk about Slavery?

Let's work ourselves out of this mess! Start Building! People need People. Learn faster perform better.

(((your inner

People will mess you us?

People with "NO" income?

What is Genocide? How and Why? !!!

Profound Peace

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