Economic Crisis

Economic crash!

What can "I" do to help get this economic crisis back on track?

From the bottom, up!

What can "I" do to turn this economic crisis around? This is very serious and crucial. We do not have time for more stupid mistakes, so to get it right we must consult "your" inner voice.

We recognize the fact that we have our backs up against the wall. We are way off-track in this economic situation and have been for quite some time. We understand why. The problems/sins are known and many have confessed. Our new leaders, from the top, down; have implemented a stimulus package, with pluses and minuses. Now, there are a multitude of disappointed people waiting? Will it be enough? How long will they wait? What will they do? My question is what can "I" do to help?

Asking this question is the same as asking, What can "I" do to be saved? Now, what do millions of people do?

The fact we have asked the question shows we realize we are headed down the road to self-destruction, we are confessing and are open to change or self-destruct.

How far off-course are we? We are so far off-course we have long since forgotten where we started. We are lost! We are too far down the road to turn back now. We know, because all the signs indicate we are closer to self-destruction than we are to salvation. If we turn back, starvation will surely cause us to perish. There is no hope. The only option is to stop what we are doing right now, take a break in place, regroup, and head in a different direction.

Which direction? Well, certainly not back the way we came and certainly not in the direction we were going. The America we once knew can never come back because of the way it was built.

Today, you see many continuing to build, like they are going to build their way out. Fruitless! Because they are headed in the same foolish, stupid direction.

Like, "stop smoking", this change brings about fear, jealousy, envy and confusion. In a fight, who will be the first to put down their weapons, the haves, who are few or the have nots, who are many? This change requires a transformation within us--intestinal fortitude. This must happen before we totally destroy each other, and then what?

Do not panic! Come down off your "high horses". We must rebuild! We must rebuild ourselves! We must rebuild our faith. The promise of life is for those who believe. This faith has to be continuing and persevering, a daily denial of self. This faith must be a reality, shown in how we treat each other. This is what "I" can do.

And just that quick, again, you will receive the gift of life. WE WILL BE BACK ON TRACK! This change is possible. From the bottom-up, if we are responsive, desiring, asking, open and eager to receive, then the Holy Spirit will work the transformation within us. Fishers of men! Share it!

Thank you! Art

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