Emerging to your Emergency

There is something about those two words. Are we creating a formless void?

I did not think I would live long enough to see these times. As I was growing up no one would have ever thought future times would have been so bleak even if I prepared myself and I did. The question now is, based on the information known at that time, did I properly prepare? No I did not because I nor my parents would have ever thought things could or would go so high. That my own safety and security would be more at risk other wise we would have invested in Smith and Western.

Whoever would have ever thought prayer, the 10 commandments, the constitution, taxes, banks, chruches, the government would all be sold out by politicians. That food, water, shelter, health care, utilities,,,all the essentials for a good healthy life are seriously compromised. We are actually working for??? We are in serious denial about the enemy being on friendly soil. We think the inevitable just cannot happen.

Will this generation think like the last? All we do is go to work and play games.

These are some crucial times in which we are living and what makes them so is that we are not use to emerging for anything other than our jobs. We see job security more important than life itself, but have been talked out of our jobs.

That tells me we see having material wealth more important than being living life itself. Well, if you work more than you live, what is that saying? Are you living to work or working to live? Neither is all that bad as long as there is a healthy balance. However, that brings on the paycheck, which is never enough and drives us in to overdrive and therein lays the problem. People become what they become not because they are good at it, but because it pays more. Getting off track, more and more people are emerging in to material wealth and neglecting EMERGENCIES. You say one paycheck from bust! We are of the mind-set, as long as we have a dollar, that is power.

So when the shit hits the fan, we are going to be stuck out on a limb. That brings in the EMERGENCY! Do you realize how much of our lives we neglect just for a job? Do you realize how much of our time is spend with the attitude: I have got to go to work? I mean where are we going? For what are you working when your real work is being neglected? Today is the proof.

People in Egypt are doing the same as people anywhere else in the world. People in Florida are doing the same as people in New York, so why does it take a vacation in Florida to de-stress? Do you have to go that far to get away from it all?

Remember when there were no jobs? People had businesses and hence the term “mind your own business". Life was more focused with more purpose. And with all the trials and tribulations, there was more joy, peace, love, patience and kindness. Those were our incentives for today.

Today, something has gone awry and since we abused those jobs and times, we must go back to square one. Well, we nor it can keep going like we are going and that is a fact. We have priced ourselves right out of a bright future. What happens when a balloon is over inflated? We have high hopes of new discoveries but we abused the last. How much faster can we fly, drive, talk, shop, be entertained?

Here is the deal, the more we work, the more work to be done. Though we have profited, we have not prospered. No “real progress” has been made. The reality of it all is that we have actually gone backwards, but we think otherwise. Why is that, because you are working for someone else and their work has been fruitless? Their last interest is you and your well-being. We are zombies and do not know even when to stop. So three weeks in the year and a pay check is your reward just to get more work. That is creating a formless void?

So why are we looking for someone else to provide jobs for us? IF WE DO NOT STOP INFLATING THE BALLOON? It is either that or? --Emerging for the emergency!

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