Emotional health and healing

If we know better, why we don't "do" better?

We've got some pretty smart folk in America, you ask them a question and they can explain everything, at least that's what they want you to think and they tell it in such a way you want to follow. That's why we do not know what foods are best to eat now and if we know, why do we push all this other stuff?

We boast about being the best, technological and we can show you all the lights to prove it, but when it comes right down to it, are we any better off than anyone else? YOu can't trust nobody! Economic and social decline! Eat up with racism! Everybody's got a gun! Nobody is willing to help! Well, if they were, why didn't they help our asses out of slavery, poverty, Jim Crow, Segregation? Obesity? Worse tourist? Crime and incarceration? Domestic violence? War? Relationships? Denial? I think you get my picture.

The problem is our emotional state of being. When did it get fixed? We have the best education system, yet we produce the worse students. Where are our jobs, where is our future? Your parents teach one thing and society another? To whom are you going to listen? Chronic emotional stress?

I trust this little bit of information is the best, most beneficial you have received in a life time. Emotional health, improve your emotional health, your mind and your body will follow.

Death do to natural causes, you will probably never see. How do your emotions affect your health and how do you improve your emotional health? Do you understand how depressing life can be?It’s not about the latest fashions, how much money, power, as much as it is about Aging. With aging ought to come maturity, but as we have it now comes immaturity.

Young, you think you can do it all, but for those of us who miss out on this valuable lesson, just wait until you get 55, that is, if you live to see Death Due to Natural Causes and it is because some of us are intentionally knocking out others of us.

Do you really think that's going on in America?

Today, it’s like the more you did as a youngster, the harder it is to get to your Promised Years. Just look at all the new technology we have access to and all the lies we tell about living longer, but what we fail to tell you is how much faster we’re killing ourselves and our poor quality of life.

I will give you the longevity factor but it only stands to reason, more people are dying faster due to anything other than natural causes – disease, accidents, crime, war. Health and life insurance wouldn’t be such a profitable industry if we weren’t.

We are so concerned about using the outside to cover up the inside, the inside goes untreated.

The Mind plays the absolute single most important role in positively or negatively influencing your body and health. Yes, your state of mind and look at how many depressed Americans there are? People can be in the worse of physical health, yet accomplish well more than you, in the best of health and without complaining.

Chronic emotional stress ages you. Change that and change your whole outlook on life.

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