misleading you

Do you feel as though you're being mislead, do you know it?

You wake up to it, go to bed to it and you be damned if you're going to have it in your home, but as soon as you walk out the front door, you had better have your wits about yourself.

In what kind of times are we living? In us, you can no longer find truth. Do you know how frustrating that is? If all the time your significant other is lying and cheating what's going to happen?

Will it make any difference about who's telling the lie? It takes two to tangle, and sooner or later you're going to have to stand up.

All our sources for information are so compromised. As much as you would like to think they, the powers to be, are going to tell you the truth, you already know in the back of your mind, they are wasting your time.

The people running the system is screwed up. How can you trust your teacher, when the whole damn education process is against you and it has spread like wide-fire into every discipline of life at the highest positions. They will not allow you to make a sound decision because they want you to vote for them. They want to distract you so they can push through something else.

They know if they use money to turn you off, then they take the money for what they want.

Now, anything to do with our leadership is powered by money and they make you believe your donations will get YOU what you want, by keeping them in power?

Even though, all the time you are being screwed, they just keep asking for more, whether you are dead or alive. we measure our success not by how many dollars we raise, but by how many people are inspired to own a piece of this campaign. do you really own it?

They want to discredit you and our campaign, so who's discrediting who? All you know is that your pockets are leaner while their pockets are fatter. You're always paying but you never get shit.

(((your inner voice.com)))

How long can you beat a dead horse?

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