My Enemies

Why do we have enemies? We've stamped out a lot of things, why not enemies? I am thinking of predator and prey. Do we ignore and leave our enemies? Everywhere you go will be potential enemies, learn the best way to deal with any enemy. Had Africans responded different to the Transatlantic Slave Trade, then the results would have been different. Same with the American Indians. We can share but we should not take each other for granted. Checks and balances, we must monitor each other.

The crazy part about it all is your spouse, friend or co-worker could be your worst enemy. You could be sleeping with your enemy.

My enemies are the seven deadly sins. Come, let’s deal wisely with our enemies, otherwise they will continue to multiply, and if a war breaks out, they will ally themselves with our enemies and fight against us and leave the country.

BEAWARE and treat every person as your enemy and your enemy shall never be known. Start all your relationships out with love and respect.

Now if a man finds his enemy, does he send him on his way in good shape? May the Lord repay you with good this day for what you have done to me. Hypocrits?

Worthy of praise is the Most High God, who delivered your enemies into your hand.

(((your inner

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