Energy Levels

The “Couch Potato” versus the “nervous Nelly”? The village has gotten lazy.

Have you even got the energy to get what you need? Are you stopping the flow?

It's already hard enough to get the job. Energy levels have a lot to do with your relationships, work and play. Does your energy level match your desires? Do you think your partner know anything? Are you able to motivate each other?

People with low energy levels mixed with people with high energy levels, what’s going to happen? A person who likes to eat paired with a person who does not like to eat, is that the same as opposing energy levels? Can they be happy together? Is there any advantage to being high energy?

I can imagine working with someone with low energy levels. They would want to get the job done, just like me, but we might go about it in different ways. Opposing energy levels can be a hurting thing.

Energy levels and attitudes, are they all in one? Can you have high energy with low attitude? I can only imagine being married to someone with whom is never satisfied with my performance. Is that what happens when paired off with someone of opposing energy levels, you are just not compatible? They’ve come to a complete stop and you are fired up and ready to go even further? Are you going to drag them alone? Might that be a good sign or an aggravation?

Now, we’re through with all the aggravation, I guess the question would be: Can you be satisfied? Sex for example: They say it all starts at home? What do you do when you partner is tired and you are still wanting to get it on? How long can you go on like that? Will your relationship get better? How will you make it better? Will they be willing to try? Walls and negativity, can you get over them?

What happens once you get there? Do you have a good attitude? Do you look down on the late comer? Are you upset because they got there first, left without you or left you out? Energy levels fluctuate, high one day, low the next? So when you are up, encourage those who may not be up for the long journey and keep you a just in case.

Know your playing field. Can you allow others to take control or do you have to be in control all the time? How do you need and want me right now? You can be with Betty and make it Janice. Can you clear the playing fields? Your spirit carries into other parts of your life. You have to work for peace.

Behind every good man, is a good woman?

(((your inner

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