Support NEtwork?

Networking in your support network?

I guess the main question is, “Where are you going?” There are users and abusers? Drunks and Liars? These people are in walks of life and you are surrounded by them on a daily basis.

Some want you to win and some want you to lose, can you distinguish the difference?

Question, Why does a people divide themselves up as such? What about your expectations?

How can you move a mountain, when you cannot even get yourself up in the morning? Can you be nice and cool and move the mountain? Is that something you would do better on your own? Can you move a mountain, without first having moved a little hill? How do you learn and teach? Moving little mountains verses Big Mountains? Can you do it drunk or sober, educated and uneducated, rich or poor?

Why do we have marriage vows, why do we make them?

The importance of support, the right kind. First, I really appreciate my readers, viewers, clicks… I am making a statement, I feel it to be very important, beneficial and I want it to get me somewhere? I appreciate you for allowing me to share in your lives. It is something like that! Would you ever like to come here and leave empty handed? Work on your support network!

Some like to lead care-free lives? Just how do you do that?

YOu have got to work like hell at the basics. ONce you get the basics down, the rest is gravy.

Do you know how many people fail due to following or joining in with the wrong folk? Hitler, 911? How do you have fun without killing everybody? Was there a cause for suicide bombers, is there ever? Is that what we're doing to ourselves?

We all want to do something, get somewhere, make a statement. I was reading about some Pastor who told a Big Navy Seal LIE in order to be perceived as such. As distinguished as he was, he climbed a telephone pole, made up a big fat Navy Seal lie and published it. Now, I think of all his followers! You know we all have followers.

Are you providing the very best support network? Are you really where you want to be? Do you know where you are going? Do you really know how to live a very happy life? Can you be happy when everyone around you is sad?

How many mistakes have you made, are there more good times than bad, how times seriously fooling yourself, slowing around, bullshitting, following the wrong folk? How times have you spent following people you thought were going somewhere, only to learn they did not give a damn about you? How long were you dedicated to the cause?

Time to take a look at yourself, you ain't getting any younger. You will not be here forever? There are going to be some "sick days". Days you will desire prayers for others? I am thinking now, of the girl in my third column, dying of a disease. The crazy part about it all is, the parents think if they got $12,000 they could help save her life.

You must create your own support network. You gotta build it strong? Can you be weak and build it strong? Why is my mountain always on the back burner? Why so much doubt and uncertainty?

Do you really know how to lay things out on the table? Break it down, so people, all people can understand and follow if they desire? That is a big part of the reason why our economy is so screwed up, lying ass people and those who do nothing. How can your mind tell you to be less than, while living in a country greater than?

Do you really know how to have fun and get somewhere at the same time? That’s called taking care of business. I look at some of our very distinguished politicians, who got caught? Why do you put yourself up so high like that, when you know you cannot handle it? Well, if you screwed yourself, what can you do for others?

There is honor in using a person, along as it prospers them, but abuse of any kind, you reap what you sow. Can anything good happen without good action?

This is your support network, you must coach them to success in order for you to be a success.

(((your inner

Fate for killing an unarmed man There may come a time when a people would rather see you dead -- Hitler. --- your inner

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