Energy follows thought

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How could it be otherwise and how can this work for the good of the whole?

In the time of crisis, are you finding yourself emotionally drained?

The sources of the current economic, financial distress and crime may be complex or they may be simple, depending on your point of view. I’m of the mind simple reasons play out in complex terms. It’s never too late to turn back the greed clock, but is it too late to change the way the whole situation impacts you on a personal level?

Whether that turns out to be a good idea or just plain lunacy remains to be seen. However my emotional bank is just fine. Well, most of the time.

That’s because I understand a very simple, although not easy to follow concept: Energy follows thought.

Look at what changes between the times you are calm, relaxed, and otherwise just fine and times you become stressed, emotionally upset, and distraught? The only thing changing is your focus and what you tell yourself about the meaning of the situation. How can you think good thoughts? Energy follows thought!

There are all manner of ways to enjoy a positive focus in the midst of the current situation. You don’t have to like the current situation, and you don’t have to keep focusing on it either.

FOCUS on all that is positive! How can you see Positive in a Negative environment? Most of the time we’re not aware of it, your thoughts trigger emotions and emotions determine experience and Energy follows thought! The good news is you are the one creating your thoughts, so you can control what you feel and what you attract.

Now, for the Positive or Negative Environment? We must create and implement more positive environments in work and play. Sign my petition to create a wide open space for that. Humble Farm Refuge

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Power of Thought

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