Energy is life and life is energy. Often our good energy levels are one of the things in which we fall short. Our lives are reduced to boring living. We do not want to be around others and like wise. Our stories over time are buried in long-term memories and the lessons lost.

Communities tend to form around voices — informed, passionate, authoritative voices. We all have compelling stories based on our experiences. We tell them to friends, family and loved ones. We laugh, we cry and our hearts yearn for more.

The key to retaining compelling stories is to write them down. Obviously, we do some of that, but in a much too understated way, especially with the available technology today. Valuable time and lessons escape us. In writing them, seek the truth, hold the powerful accountable, expose the B.S., explain how things really work and introduce people to each other. Tell how you saved the day.

We all love to hear good compelling stories filled with energy and telling them helps to maintain energy in our lives. Our stories are remembered and make us human. They put a face on you in the mind of your listeners and readers. They are very public expressions of our values and our stories are what they will come back to.

Some things in life are free, give yourself more energy.

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