Enslaving yourself

Can you see why we prosper not? That's understanding!

The more shit we get the worse off we become, why? Why do we have inflation?

Enslaving yourself, we have and continue to enslave ourselves and those around us.

That’s why you need My help. Wer’re spending more than we’ve ever seen before, the worst crisis of a lifetime. Questions that will actually make a difference for us and our children are answered in how we respond. Building nation building right here at home. Do you have the courage to move forward

How do you fight for this country? Are you fighting for yourself or your enemy? What good does it do for a man to fight for his enemy? What about rebuilding America? How do we pay down our debt? How do we enhance of social system? We must learn to refuse.

We will not go back to the days of enslaving each other, turning back the hands of time. What are you teaching your children. How do you teach “stand on your own” and by standing on your own we stand together? What good is planned parenthood? How do you control your own destiny?Family, friends, love ones, don’t allow anyone to cause you to enslave yourself? What good would you be?

When enough of us voice our truths a change will come, manifesting the change required. We have more in common than our leaders tell us.

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